Contribute to Sxmo


Make code contributions to Sxmo by sending patches to our mailing list at

A patch can be sent with git send-email, no need for any user registration or account. Need help? Learn how to use email with git!.

Daily Driving

The best way to contribute to Sxmo is to use it! By using Sxmo, you will run into issues and if you report them, document how to fix them, and send patches to the mailing list you will help improve the project for everyone. This improved quality should drive others to try out Sxmo.

If you use Sxmo with postmarketOS, consider joining postmarketOS’s testing team.

Monetary Donations

If you want to contribute monetarily, please send your donations to postmarketOS. The postmarketOS project provides most of the infrastructure for Sxmo such as building our images for various devices, hosting packages, etc. Furthermore, they help improve upstream and maintain the mobile friendly packages that Sxmo users depend on.


To get new users, we rely on word of mouth - users blogging about their experiences, users doing talks at their local Linux conference1, and users showing off stuff that is only possible on a Linux mobile phone!


Help improve sxmo-docs by checking for spelling/grammatical mistakes, adding missing information, and updating outdated information. Users also rely on the postmarketOS wiki for information. So if you have a special use case, find fix for a device, or anything that would help other postmarketOS users, post it to the pmOS wiki!

Support Other Users

Participate in our synchronous and asynchronous support channels to help other users!

Help Upstream

We will spare you the “standing on shoulders of giants speech” but in the case of Sxmo the giants are technical giants and not necessarily giants in size! You can help by sending patches to programs Sxmo launches like megapixels, GNOME chess, dino, etc. Or you can contribute to the distributions Sxmo is based on: Alpine Linux and postmarketOS. Helping upstream should improve the linux desktop and linux mobile alike!


Sxmo is maintained by a group of core-contributors.

Core Contributors & Current Maintainers:

In reverse-chronological order:

Former Maintainers:

  1. Here are the slides from alpineconf if you need help getting started: